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Montevideo, November 23rd 2022 – 20:19 UTC
As host Germany announced the guest countries for this year’s G7 Summit, Brazil was once again left out of the list for the third consecutive time, while South Africa, India, Indonesia, and Senegal are to be welcome, it was announced.
The group of the world’s seven most industrialized countries has once again excluded yet again Jair Bolsonaro, under whom his country has never been able to participate since he took office three years ago.
Last year in the United Kingdom, Australia, India, South Africa, and South Korea were the invited nations.
The G7 Summit is the meeting of the heads of state of the seven largest industrialized nations.- Germany, the United States, France, Italy, Japan, Canada, and Great Britain.
The G7 Summit will take place from June 26 to 28, 2022, at Elmau Castle in the Bavarian Alps.
In 2020, Bolsonaro said he could be invited to the G7, then chaired by the United States, under the presidency of Donald Trump. However, due to the pandemic, the meeting was postponed and Brazil was again left off the list.
In 2019, the first year of Bolsonaro’s government, French President Emmanuel Macron announced emergency aid to fight fires in the Amazon, in the climate of tension between Brazil and France due to the criticism of the head of the Elysée to Brazilian environmental policies. After the announcement of possible French intervention, Bolsonaro raised doubts about Macron’s real interests in the river forest.
In Germany, G7 members will discuss sustainability and climate policy, which was already a central theme of the current group presidency.
Under the motto “Moving towards an equitable world”, the meeting will also discuss strengthening partnerships for a sustainable planet.
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