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If technology has the power to bring us more insight into the world around us, then why can’t we use it in our classrooms too? As a young teacher of 6th graders at St George’s Elementary School in Washington DC, I want all my students to enjoy learning and having fun with every skill they are taught. To have this will result in an improved learning environment for them. When technology is used correctly it makes learning fun and exciting.

There are many ways to incorporate technology such as the Google classroom apps and apps that take advantage of the different types of technology in schools such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and even the iPad. You can easily access your class information through these apps. Students love being able to connect with their teachers and each other while using these innovative technologies.

If you’re not yet thinking about how to implement technology in the classroom, then you may be wondering what to do first. According to the American Educator Magazine’s survey on 21st-century classrooms, 80 percent of educators surveyed reported that there were some new or emerging technology tools that they had been taking advantage of within their school’s technology infrastructure (Hagman 2000). Many teachers believe that using technology helps improve reading comprehension, teaching children to be successful readers, as well as creating more student engagement, self-confidence, and knowledge acquisition.

Teachers know from their own experience how much time they waste in boring classes when they don’t use the right tools to help their students learn (Hagman 2000). This data suggests that the best way to utilize technology in the classroom is by allowing students to interact with the right technology tools in order to improve reading comprehension. Some examples of technology tools include the GoggleClassroom application which allows teachers to assign students to work to keep track of and track students’ progress on any type of subject.

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It also contains games and activities for kids so that they have fun and engage themselves in learning. Another helpful tool teachers can use is Zoom which allows students to study and talk to one another without leaving the room. Having multiple tools for a class gives teachers and students more opportunities to communicate. A big bonus is to be able to stay connected with the outside world outside of the classroom which often gets cut off in traditional classrooms.

Another good source of tech tools can be found in the classroom libraries (Khan 2012). At this point for me, if an issue arises where, out of necessity, my students need extra supplies, like pens or water bottles, I can always find a substitute with these items from the library. These supplies can either be purchased over the counter or picked up. They have made it easy to get the items that you need in the classroom, making my job easier.

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One of the most useful things to have in the classroom is that every kid has something for his or her desk (Khan 2012). That way, everyone does not have to share desks, especially during class discussions. This is a great example of making sure students feel comfortable and included. Allowing students to choose their desks and make the space for learning more inclusive.

Another important gadget to have in the classroom is the iPad. The classroom iPads can be used to record lessons, play music, watch videos, etc. You can download these to your devices that aren’t already set up with any applications to save what you’ve learned in real-time. Since these are designed for educational purposes and only allow users to use a laptop or desktop computer to edit the content, you can use what you already have and save everything on the phone instead. With the iPad, everyone is in the same classroom learning together.

Not only that, but teachers have the ability to see any questions that can be answered with the answer in front of their eyes through these apps. So much data is stored on these devices that it is very easy for every student to look for answers. For example, if someone comes home with a question of how many people in the world is there on Earth, then those questions can be answered almost instantly.

There are many free applications that parents can install on their child’s devices that would allow you to monitor everything that is going on in the classroom and in the rest of the world. You can see who is in my room and how are they doing in school. Not only that, but if there was ever a problem, it can be recorded, tracked, and recorded. I just have to say these are some of the most beneficial apps to add to the classroom.

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There are many more that can be installed on your device. There are plenty of other apps that let you use other features than just viewing information in the Apple Classroom software or even with the iPad for schools, such as things like Google Drive, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Office 365, and others. So really, there is an endless list of apps to select based on what you need for your child’s education.

While these apps are free, they still provide a lot of benefits to the classroom that only teachers can provide. I feel that it is only fair that there should be programs that give more back than the teachers. What we want is a little bit more technology in our school. Especially in the classroom to aid students in their education as well as provide more opportunities for learning within the school environment. We have more teachers than ever working with technology within classrooms. This shows that there should be no limits to how much technology kids can access to get all the information that needs to get done for the day.

Our goal is to help our children grow into productive adults that know what is possible and how to use that knowledge. Through this article, you can see just how much more technology is available to teach our children in the next generation. Maybe one day they won’t have to worry about finding enough supplies to do whatever they need to do for the whole week. Instead, more free-time technology helps create more success for them.

This is where future generations will be raised, knowing what technology can do for them. They are capable of doing anything they want with this little touch of the button, regardless of the size of their screen and what type of Internet connection they are provided with. They are able to create, edit, and visualize their content. And by developing communication within the school environment, the chances of miscommunication are reduced.

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