Which Bigg Boss Season Was Most Liked by the Audience?

While judging the show from the audience’s perspective, the answer to the question, “Which Bigg Boss season was most liked by the audience? While Bigg Boss 13 was the most popular season, Bigg Boss 14 and 15 were the most disliked seasons. Here are some reasons why you should watch the show to see who wowed the audience the most.

Lava Poster Bana Master

This week on Bigg Boss, the ‘Lava Poster Bana Master’ task was given to the contestants. They had to paste posters on the wall and the person with the highest number of posters would be the captain of the team for the next week. Trupti was crowned the sanchalak, while Vikas, Adish, and Jay were chosen as the’samarthaks’ by Vishal and Sneha. Interestingly, Surekha, the captain of the house, had one poster turned upside-down.

Bigg Boss 4

The fourth season of Bigg Boss was a big success, with the viewers showing overwhelming love for the show. The show’s gang of P3g and Daakus are still remembered by the audience. Apart from the gang, season four had some interesting additions. The show was also hosted by the talented Shilpa Shetty. Juhi Parmar, an actress, was declared the winner of the show in January 2012. Mahek Chahal, the runner up in Season 3, returned for Season 4 and was voted as the most popular among the audience.

The season ended with the eviction of Dalljiet Kaur in just 13 days. Unlike other seasons, Dalljiet is known for her role in the hit drama ‘Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon’. She also appeared on TV in several popular movies. Bigg Boss 4 is set to make its way to Bollywood in the coming months.

The Bigg Boss 4 contestants recently met up with their old contestants from previous seasons. The show has a loyal fan base, and fans are always buzzing about it on social media. Salman Khan’s presence on the show has made it an icon in India. The show’s popularity is not only attributed to Salman Khan, but also the fact that he is the show’s host.

The ratings for Bigg Boss 4 were the highest of the four seasons. The show was hosted by Salman Khan, who won the Big Brother competition. Bigg Boss 4 was the highest-rated season ever, with an average trp of 3.06, and was cancelled after only four weeks. Its finale episode was viewed by nearly 4.5 million people, making it the most popular season of the show.

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This season featured a few surprises. The Bigg Boss cast had added a few twists, allowing the housemates to interact with one another. It was also the first season to feature a PT instructor, Khali, and a tv host. Despite the challenges, the show has managed to keep the audience entertained throughout the season. Aside from the tv show’s popularity amongst the audience, it also has the potential to reach a new height.

The new format of the show made the season better than ever. In season 13, the contestants competed in pairs, and the show’s first finale occurred after a month. The fights and bickering continued throughout the season, and the show’s producers were quick to expel the two out of the house. The season was also the longest in its history, with a hefty TRP.

Bigg Boss 15

As the 15th season of Bigg Boss is approaching, one must not ignore the ratings for this season. According to ratings, the show was the most liked season for the audience. Its popularity was boosted by the emergence of new contestants and their personalities. This season featured more of a love story, with the viewers rooting for the ‘Baby Boss’ couple.

The show is also known for its wild card contestants, which brought in an exciting twist to the show. This season saw the appearance of Imam Siddiqui and changed the format completely. The show was not so popular in previous seasons, as the audience had no idea who any of the contestants were, and the caste system failed to make the show as engaging as it is today.

Voting is a crucial part of the show, and Bigg Boss 15 was the most watched season in its history. Each week, the audience is given the opportunity to vote for a particular contestant, and this voting process happens till the end of the show. The winner of the show is declared in the Weekend Ka Waar episode. The episode also ends with the elimination of one of the contestants, usually a female.

After the first two seasons, the audience had an opportunity to vote for their favorite contestants, and the contestants’ performances were quite impressive. While the show’s cast members were mostly the same, some of the viewers also said that the series was the most loved season by the audience. This is because the audience gave a higher rating to the contestants this season. So, what were the most liked episodes of the show?

The season’s most memorable contestants included Pratik Sehajpal and Nishant Bhat. While Pratik did not win the OTT, he won the hearts of the audience with his charming personality. They were both honest and never shied away from sharing their opinions, and they never got into ugly fights. They were loved by the audience and Nishant Bhat in particular.

Many people thought that the show had too many aggressive contestants, and this has led to the elimination of several contestants. As of this writing, Devoleena Bhattacharjee received the most votes with 33 percent, while Umar Riaz received just twenty-eight percent. The show has also featured several contestants with controversial behavior, and the audience has given their vote to them.

The show’s live audience decided the Top 6 contestants, and the remaining housemates will be decided by the live viewers. The viewers will be deciding the Top 6 contestants and one contestant will be evicted five days before the finale. The live audience vote will decide the winner of Bigg Boss 15 by the end of the competition. A new promo shows the RJ grilling the remaining contestants. The audience will vote for the final six contestants.

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